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Self-love: 7 unexpected ways to love yourself more

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Mental Health : What Does It Mean & Is It Helpful

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Self Love

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What Does Authentic Mean? – The Meaning Of Authenticity

The Value of Vulnerability

I’m learning that to speak your truth takes courage. It takes an immense amount of self love to put yourself out there, not with armour but in the suit of your vulnerability. To stand in your power, to… Read More

Remembering to come home

It seems to me that no matter where we are at, whether in a state of clarity or joy, or of confusion and sadness, the only thing really left is to rest in our heart and in gratitude… Read More

It’s Ok To Feel

In many ways I feel children have a greater emotional intelligence than adults – in the sense that they fully allow themselves to feel what arises for them emotionally, without judgment or censorship. They wear their hearts on… Read More

We’re not alone

I’ve experienced, witnessed, heard, felt, that the most common fear we have as human beings is to be alone. To have an experience and feel unseen, unheard, unsupported. The irony is that sometimes that very fear, of being… Read More

We as Women

Our western culture so deeply needs to have good examples of aging women. Elder women that wear their hair silver. That allow the wrinkles of time to be worn on their faces, their bodies. That show the weather… Read More


Change is an interesting thing. We often crave it – perhaps because we feel dissatisfied in some way being where we are – but when change presents itself, we easily get terrified of it. This morning I woke… Read More