Change is an interesting thing. We often crave it – perhaps because we feel dissatisfied in some way being where we are – but when change presents itself, we easily get terrified of it.
This morning I woke up with anxiety, that knot in my stomach that fears change even though I have been waiting, wanting, needing it for a while now. What I am realising is that change takes us out of our comfort zone, which isn’t a bad thing at all, it just can be hugely uncomfortable. Change means stepping into the unknown. It means stepping out of routine. It means taking a leap of faith, trusting that the light will appear as we are suspended in the dark mid leap. In many ways the transition that occurs amidst change is the most challenging part. But I’ve always found that on the other side, I get that much closer to what my heart longs for and that is to be heard, followed and lived.
Following our heart isn’t always easy; actually it often really forces us to not settle or be ok with “reasonable”, “mediocre” or “fine”. It stretches us, pulling us towards really living life. It beckons us to be comfortable with uncertainty, to welcome the unknown, and trust what we cannot yet see.