What is Life Coaching?

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
~ Anais Nin

Life Coaching is a process that ultimately enables you to feel self-empowered and fully engaged in your life. It is about finding the seed of what may be holding you back, healing it and supporting it to evolve forward so that you can step into your full potential.

My approach is one where nothing is seen as ‘wrong’, there is never a ‘problem’ or anything to ‘fix.’ The focus is more on the part of you that needs a little attention, nurture, compassion and support so that you can feel safe enough to move beyond the patterns that are holding you back.

Coaching is about guiding you to find your own answers, supporting you in believing in yourself and working together to discover the person you truly are in the life you have always desired.


The benefits of life coaching:

  • accepting all of who you are
  • boosting your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • strengthening your sense of self
  • cultivating a better relationship with yourself
  • healing and letting go of limiting beliefs and patterns
  • building better communication tools
  • improving your relationships
  • finding clarity on who you are, what your purpose in life is and how to get there
  • living your full potential
  • emotional intelligence, intuition and self-trust

“I had a session with Corinne a few months back for Authenticity Coaching. We talked about how I was unhappy in my job and how I wanted to travel and write but I couldn’t find a way of doing it.  Well after that session, I decided to leave my job and I booked an around-the-world trip and managed to get some writing work at the same time! So it looks like the things I’d always wanted to do are finally starting to happen. Thank you so much Corinne for your guidance!”

Liz, London

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