Third Entity



What is the Third Entity?

The Third Entity is what two individuals coming together create; it has a form and an energy of its own. It is very important to see that the relationship is made of three parts, not just two. When we acknowledge the existence of the Third Entity we are able to be more objective when challenges arise. We often get wrapped up in our own perspective, forgetting that we are a part of something that extends beyond us as individuals. In order to have a healthy, long lasting relationship, we must nurture and support not only each other but the relationship itself. We believe that finding our ideal partner and loving them to the best of our ability will guarantee a successful relationship, but it is vital that both individuals are taking care and being part of something that is greater than they are.

Working with the Third Entity

Together we will discover what your Third Entity looks like and find ways to nurture and help it grow. We will point out what each individual brings to the table, where you meet and where you collide or slip past each other. We will look at your individual goals, as well as the goals of the relationship, and find ways of supporting each other in achieving them. By working as a team and maintaining a consistent connection with your Third Entity, you will be building a solid foundation and the possibility for longevity and fulfillment in your relationship.


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