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The Short Version: From a young age, Corinne Blum knew she wanted to dedicate her life to helping people. Turning inward to discover what made her own mind and emotions tick, she found that the keys to fostering personal growth and healthy relationships lay in connecting with what she calls The Authentic Self. For the past 14 years, Corinne has been guiding clients on journeys of self-discovery by showing them how experiences and human interactions sculpt the ways they approach life. Through an array of techniques based in both spirituality and science, Corinne delivers the tools people need to form fulfilling bonds by first learning to love and value themselves.

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An interview on Relationship Revolution Summit hosted by Paula Smith

In this interview, Corinne Blum answers questions on topics such as the paradox of relationship, redefining failure, cultivating intuition, discovering resilience and accepting oneself.

A conversational radio interview with Corinne Blum on Dream Corner hosted by Viv Oyolu

Viv Oyolu, host of Dream Corner radio, interviews Corinne Blum. They talk about Corinne’s journey from being a professional ballet dancer with the San Francisco Ballet to setting up evolve with her partner Adrian and also the work she does with women; connecting them with their Authentic Self and manifesting their soulmate.

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Brother Olu’s Ministry of Soul with Corinne Blum: listen to relationship and coaching tips, as well as some soul music, on this interview on HoxtonFM

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