Small Group Coaching – Supporting One Another’s Growth

Small Group Coaching - growing in community with Life Coach, Mentor & Relationship Specialist Corinne Blum

Group Coaching

“Together we rise!”

Small Group Coaching with Life Coach, Mentor & Relationship Specialist Corinne Blum

Small Group Coaching

There is so much growth that can happen within ourselves and with a guide that lovingly supports us along our journey back home to ourselves. There is also, equally, a very powerful energy that arises when we heal in community.

Working, growing and healing in a small group where we feel safe, heard and seen, gives us this beautiful opportunity to recognise that one, we’re not alone in our experience and two, receiving support from even a small “tribe,” gives us a great sense of belonging, support and encouragement.

We learn to heal our relational wounds, ask for support from others (often easier said than done) and feel seen and heard within a group dynamic which triggers that instinct to belong within a tribe. But the key is to belong in a safe, authentic way. This isn’t about fitting in, this is about being authentically you and feeling what it’s like to be accepted, supported and encouraged for being you!

How Small Group Coaching Works

Small group coaching is limited to 6 participants. We will start with four weekly, one-hour sessions, with the option to continue on a monthly basis.

We might find that in a group there is a common theme but this isn’t necessarily the aim. The intention is for each individual to show up authentically and honestly with whatever is present and true for them in their lives.

The group will be a space to share, reflect, do group exercises but mainly continue on our personal journey but within the container of a group. This is part of the integration from self-work (inner-journeying) to bringing our “new” selves into relationship, community, family and society at large.

There are beautiful gifts that arise from giving and receiving support, building trust within a group dynamic and allowing yourself to be truly seen for who you are.

In the group, the foundation is based on respect, kindness, trust and authenticity, all held in the container of love.

Guiding You To Grow In Community

My role is to hold the space, be that container of love, to guide you individually and as a group. Together we will learn how to share vulnerably and authentically, how to listen with full presence and what the meaning of support really is.

You might find that your intuitive, empathic and energetic skills/abilities heighten and become more attuned in a group setting.

We are moving into very new times as a collective and community is going to become a vital piece to our collective evolution.

Will you allow yourself to be seen? Supported? Held in love?

Growing, healing, in community gives us the gift of both giving and receiving. Being of service and humbly receiving support.

Together we will create it and together we will exponentially grow!

Investing In Yourself

The fee (or investment in yourself) is:

Small Group Coaching£200
4 weekly 1-hour sessions£50 per session for 1 month (option to roll monthly)
This is receiving focused coaching at half price of the standard, 1-1, coaching price. *Small group coaching package is to be paid up front. No refunds. Limited to 6 participants. Thank you.

Resonate with my work?

Book an initial discovery session before committing to a monthly package.
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