What Is A Life Coach

what is a life coach www.corinneblum.com corinne blum life coach

What Is A Life Coach

Many people ask: What is a Life Coach?

Life Coaching has various connotations and a Life Coach can be many things but the way I see it is: a Life Coach is a guide.

Some Life Coaches help you achieve your goals. Others are there to hold you accountable. A Life Coach can help you take action and support you in being your best self.

But on a deeper level, a Life Coach is there to hold the space for you to explore who you are: the things that scare you, the parts that hurt that need your loving attention, the patterns that hold you back, the source of those patterns and how to heal and evolve your wounds into your gifts.

what is a life coach www.corinneblum.com corinne blum life coach

How A Life Coach Can Support You

It’s easier to go through things when someone is there to support us, right? We feel less alone, more courageous and can gain better momentum knowing that we have someone there to cheer us on.

A Life Coach is not only good at holding space for you to dive into whatever topic you want to look into, they offer an objective reflection and can help you see things about yourself that you might not be able to see yourself. This is incredibly helpful when you’re trying to undo patterns that aren’t serving you anymore. For example, getting into the same kind of unhealthy relationship again and again.

They can help you figure out what your limiting self-beliefs are and guide you back into a place of self-worth. So many people feel ‘not good enough.’ A Life Coach can help you understand why you feel that way and what needs healing so that you can rewrite the narrative you’re telling yourself about your worth, lovability, competence and significance.

Ultimately, they will help you understand why you’re stuck and how to move forwards in your life.

Be Clear On What Kind Of Life Coach You Need

What does a Life Coach do? Nowadays there is a Life Coach for everything, focusing on all sorts of niches. Make sure you know what you’re looking for specifically.

Some might focus on goals, strategies and achievements. Others might help you with self-development and personal growth. There are relationship/dating coaches, executive coaches, health coaches, spiritual coaches and so many more. The most important thing is that you tune into what you need and make sure you resonate with a coach’s perspective so that they can best support you. Coaching is a collaborative process so you have to be in alignment or else it won’t work so well.

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