We as Women

Our western culture so deeply needs to have good examples of aging women. Elder women that wear their hair silver. That allow the wrinkles of time to be worn on their faces, their bodies. That show the weather of life lived through them. To embody growing old and evolving with grace so that younger women don’t need to fear their future selves but rather they can enjoy the moment that is here, knowing that as time goes by, it only gets richer.

We don’t need that Hollywood illusion that forces women of all ages to remain in the virgin phase of a woman’s life – cycle. As women, each month, we go through the virgin, the mother, the enchantress and the hag, and through our lives we step through all of those roles. When we cannot honour the mother, the enchantress, the hag or sage, we get stuck, stunted, utilising only a very small part of our depth of being, never fulling stepping into our full power and embodiment of the feminine. We need to get out of this obsession with youth and see that aging is beautiful. The marks of life lived are beautiful.

We will all grow old, it is inevitable. Let us honour life by not fearing the death of it too soon. I will leave you with this quote: “Things are beautiful if you love them” ~ Jean Anouih
So let us love ourselves today, tomorrow and beyond.