Women’s Circle – Healing The Feminine Through Sisterhood

women's circle, healing the feminine, divine feminine, sisterhood, women's group, coaching for women, life coach, london, corinne blum www.corinneblum.com

Women’s Circle

“Each time women gather in circles with each other, the world heals a little more.”

~ Wild Woman Sisterhood

women's circle, healing the feminine, divine feminine, sisterhood, women's group, coaching for women, life coach, london, corinne blum www.corinneblum.com

Women’s Circle: A Container For Healing The Feminine

Centuries have past where women were insidiously torn apart from one another. We once had sacred sisterhood, supporting, loving, holding one another up through the ebbs and flows of life. Modern age would prefer having women compete against one another and women are suffering for this.

Add to this that the divine feminine Herself has been desecrated over millennia and we’ve lost not only our bond with each other, but our connection to such a huge and beautiful part of ourselves.

Women find themselves struggling, masculinised, stressed and unsupported with no container to heal and reconnect to this innate part of their nature. Their relationships are suffering due to a lack of polarity as the divine masculine too, is being struck by mainstream society.

The feminine (and the masculine) are calling out to be healed. They’re calling out to be remembered and reinstated. If we want wholeness we have to heal and integrate all parts of ourselves and women, when they come together in peace, harmony and loving support, create an incredible space for such healing, growth and evolution to occur.

“Sistering”: How We Hold Each Other Up

Author, Glennon Doyle, wrote about the importance of “sistering” one another, that “sistering is the best part of life.” She wrote:

“Carpenters know that the building block of a structure is the joist. A joist is a special, strong beam that supports a greater structure. Sometimes a joist has to carry such a heavy load that it starts to weaken. When that happens, the carpenter connects another board to the left of the weakening board. If that doesn’t strengthen it enough, she connects another board to the right, and, with that extra support, the joist is strong enough to carry almost anything.
Guess what this process of joist strengthening is called?  SISTERING!
You can’t build a strong, beautiful, complicated structure – whether it’s a building or a life – without SISTERING.
Women are special, strong people who hold up the world but sometimes life’s load gets too hard and heavy for them to carry alone.
I think the hard is purposeful: so that we’ll need our sisters.
If everything feels too heavy right now, it might mean that you need a sister to your left and a sister to your right to help steady you and strengthen you and hold you together.
It might be time for a sister joist.
My life is just a dance between being sistered and sistering others. And my favourite thing about being part of a sister joist is that you don’t have to say the right thing, you just have to stand there and be strong.
SISTERING: it’s the best part of life because when I’m weak, then I’m strong.
Find your sister joists.
Be a sister joist.”

How Women’s Circle Help Us Heal

I have led women’s circles on and off for over a decade. I also have a circle of sisters in my personal life. Both of these spaces have offered me a support like none other. They have been my lifeline in times of great change and struggle. We inspire, support, encourage and hold each other through thick and thin. We’re honest, loving, we listen, we witness and are by each other’s sides whether in the flesh or through the ether.

Just knowing that you are being held in a safe, sacred space, where you get to be you and know that nothing is too much, there’s no judgment and you get to be seen, heard and understood and feel less alone through your life experiences, is an exquisite gift. It’s not only a gift in fact, it’s profoundly healing.

Why I Started Leading Women’s Circle

I had many female friends when I was a child but as I grew older I lost several of them due to jealousy. They were either jealous if I got attention from boys or (as a ballet student) I got roles better than them. It was a painful experience for me as I wasn’t competitive myself and didn’t understand how I could lose a friendship over something that was so out of my control. It was as if I had to apologise for attracting boys or having talent. And this is perhaps why women have learned to either make themselves small, or compete against each other. Either way, we all lose because sisterhood is a part of our makeup as women. We need one another to rise.

Out of my childhood and adolescent experiences, I fostered a deep wound and distrust towards women. But I knew deep down it didn’t feel right to not have them in my life. Throughout my teens and in my twenties I primarily had male friends with maybe a single girlfriend that would be my best friend during that particular phase of my life (it changed when they moved or I moved etc).

In my late twenties when I co-founded Evolve Wellness Centre in London, I started running women’s circles primarily because I knew I wanted to heal this wound within me. I simultaneously put it out to the Universe that I wanted to attract not just female friends, but my soul sisters. I can say, nearly 15 years later, I have that sisterhood now. We might all live in different places, but these remarkable women are my sisters and I’ve shared so much with them over the years. The bond is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. I’m grateful for these incredible women, everyday.

Helping You Heal

I went into this because I wanted to heal my wounds around women and the feminine and now I want to hold the safe space for other women to heal their wounds as well. Whether it be around other women, their own femininity, sexuality, self-worth, inner masculine being in over-drive (which many modern day women face) or just the desire to be held with compassionate, non-judgmental care, I’m here to hold the space and guide us into embodying our fullest, wisest, wildest selves.

Investing In Yourself

The fee (or investment in yourself) is:

8 Week Women’s Circle£160 (paid upfront)
£85 (monthly)
8 weekly sessions over two months.
Each session is 1.5 hours via zoom from the comfort of your own home. (We will end with an in-person session for those that can join).
Please inquire for upcoming dates.
Limited to 8 participants. No refunds. Thank you.

Sign Me Up

If you’re interested in joining the next circle, please feel free to be in touch. There are sometimes multiple circles running so please share which time frame suits you best: morning or evening.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!
I look forward to connecting with you and hopefully sitting in circle with you soon.