“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”
~ C.G Jung

In your daily life, how often do you feel you can truly be yourself?

Many of us are living our lives not fully as ourselves. Perhaps it is fear, insecurity, anxiety or that little voice that says, “you’re not good enough” that gets in the way. Or perhaps it is because we live in a culture that doesn’t support us as unique individuals but instead tells us over and over again that we are not good enough as we are. It is a great pressure, an exhausting one in fact, to try to be someone that we are not. It can leave us feeling lost, confused, depressed even. We might recognize that we keep on getting stuck in the same patterns of relationship, work, the dynamic we have with our group of friends, all the while feeling like “this isn’t working, this isn’t what I want my life to be.” And yet, we don’t know how to change it.

My job, as an intuitive coach and mentor, is to help you discover who you truly are underneath it all. Most importantly, that it’s okay to be you.

My role is to guide you so that you can see and understand why you have been stuck in the same pattern, and what the limiting belief is at the core of it. I will show you how to safely connect to and heal the wound that created the belief, and ultimately how to give yourself what you have been needing all of this time. Most importantly, the journey we’ll go on together will give you the deep knowing that you are not alone, that there is nothing wrong with you and that you can heal and evolve beyond the current pattern that is holding you back. Sometimes we need that objective reflection to really see what’s going on within us and we need a guide to help us traverse the way.

“I have waves of gratitude and thanks for Corinne. She has guided me through such a transformation that I did not believe was a) possible, or b) achievable for me. I have embarked on a whole new sense of Self, with whom I love. It has been an emotional journey but one which I would never not have taken and would recommend everyone embarking on at the right moment in their lives.”                                   Joanne, London

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Where most of us are

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Most of us have learned to look towards the external for validation, whether it’s through our relationships, job, friends or family. The problem with seeking external validation, is that not only are we dependent on something outside of us to tell us we’re “good enough”, we’re “loveable”, we’re “okay”, even if we do receive that validation it never truly feels like it’s enough; something is still missing.

This is because we cannot receive something unless we know how to first give it to ourselves. When we know what self-love feels like in our body, we can recognise it better and actually open ourselves up to receiving someone else’s love without fear. When we feel what self-respect, value and “being enough” is like in our body, we will attract that same quality from another. And when we do embody what we need and what we have been yearning to receive from the outside world, receiving it from another actually becomes less important. It is wonderful to be seen, to receive validation, love and support from others, but it is secondary to how empowering it feels when we give this to ourselves. When we give to ourselves first, everything else is an enhancement of that fulfillment rather than something we seek to fill the void.

One thing I want to clarify before I continue is this: By saying that you need to give yourself love first, before you can fully receive love from another, does not mean that you are unlovable until you sort out self-love. You are absolutely lovable as you are…it’s just that you might not recognise, trust or fully believe when someone loves you. This is because if you have a limiting belief that you are not good enough, unworthy, or unlovable, you will be viewing everything through that lens. Your partner could tell you a million times over that they love you and your limiting belief will find a way to distrust it. This is why I say that you must understand what it feels like to love, respect and value yourself before you can fully receive someone else’s love. Make sense? I hope so.

Okay, continuing on…

When we finally embrace our greatest fears and give ourselves the attention we have been needing, we begin to not only feel relief but discover that we are not alone, that we know how to trust, take care and mentor ourselves, so that we can show up in life, no matter what the circumstance, as our true, Authentic Self.

Life will still have its challenges even when we are coming from an authentic place, but the difference is that when we are rooted in who we truly are (not a false belief of who we are) we can face the challenges with confidence and comfort. In the face of adversity we know how to take care of ourselves, how to listen, trust and follow our intuition and how to ask for what we need from others.

The greatest gift of living within our Authentic Self is that we know that who we are is not defined by the external world but by how we are being and responding to what is happening within and around us. When we step into this new identity of who we truly are, we become co-creators of our lives, seeing that life happens through us not to us.

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Crossing the bridge

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It can take time to break an old pattern and step into a new way of being. It takes courage and patience and a lot of compassion and forgiveness to show up in a new way and be there for ourselves. We are creatures of habit after all, whom often feel greater comfort in the known, even if it isn’t serving us, than the unknown. I’m here to create a safe space for you to step into the unknown, to cross the bridge towards who you truly are.

Where we want to be

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What I hear from so many clients is that they feel like something is wrong with them and they wonder if I have worked with anyone else that has similar issues. They want to feel less alone.

The answer is:

No, there is nothing inherently wrong with you – and – Yes, I have worked with many people that have perhaps a different story to your own but share the same feelings, fears and anxieties. So know that you are not alone.

It is a huge first step to reach out and seek support, to look at ourselves more deeply and really come face-to-face with what we are afraid of. It might seem really scary and vulnerable but what so many clients come to find is that it’s not nearly as scary as it seemed in their mind, that actually, it feels like a complete relief. It feels liberating, lighter and comforting to finally look at what we have been avoiding or neglecting all this time.

Where this leads us to is a feeling that we can be with our fear, our shadow, the very thing we have been avoiding looking at for so long. We feel we can settle into our skin and be at home there.

Connecting to our Authentic Self is like coming home; a place where we feel safe, seen, heard and appreciated. We feel confident not because we tell ourselves that we are great, or because we feel safe behind walls, but because we feel our self-worth and we recognize that safety doesn’t come from hiding behind walls but by standing tall within ourselves with unconditional love and acceptance.

We all want to be in a place where we feel comfortable being who we are. Where we have the courage to follow our dreams, attract a relationship that reflects who we truly are, a job that feels fulfilling, a life that feels and is something which inspires and supports us every day – even the days when our internal weather might seem grey. Our aim shouldn’t be to just be happy. It should be to feel at peace, and peace only comes through acceptance of what is here, now, and that whatever that is, it’s okay. It’s okay to be you.

Why we do the work

We do this work not to become perfect or live lives without challenge, because that’s just not how life works. We do this work so that no matter what challenges do arise, we know how to handle them. We’re there for ourselves. We have our own backs. We don’t abandon ourselves but tend to ourselves lovingly, instead.

We all have down days and go through rough patches. It’s okay. It’s normal. Happiness shouldn’t be the measure of your well being, but peace. Because we can be at peace even when we’re sad and going through a challenging time and that comes when we allow what is and remain present with and for ourselves–without judgment–no matter what arises.

“Corinne is a truly gifted woman whose mentoring and coaching I would like to recommend to every person I meet! Through looking at my past as reflected in the feelings in my body, I can be with whatever shows up in the present, and that is such a tremendous comfort to realise.”
Selina, London

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What is Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a process that ultimately enables you to feel self-empowered and fully engaged in your life. It’s about finding the seed of what may be holding you back, healing it and supporting it to evolve forward so that you can step into not just your full potential, but your true Self.

My approach is one where nothing is seen as ‘wrong’, there is never a ‘problem’ or anything that needs ‘fixing.’ The focus is more on the part of you that just needs a little loving attention, nurture, compassion and support so that you can feel safe enough to move beyond the patterns that are holding you back and embody who you are…not who you think you should be.

Coaching is about guiding you to find your own answers, supporting you in believing in yourself and working together to discover the person you truly are in the life you have always desired.

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Why work with a Life Coach

You might be asking yourself “Why work with a Life Coach?” or “What is the value of working with a Life Coach?”

A Life Coach offers you a reflection of yourself. It is easier to see the patterns, habits and beliefs in others because sometimes when we are so engulfed in our own patterns we become blind in the face of them. A coach can see in with objectivity and guide you in seeing and feeling it for yourself. Once you connect with your limiting beliefs, see the patterns of your past as well as the perspective you live your life through, you have the power to heal, transform and evolve beyond them.

Seeing a coach is an investment of time and money but the true value is giving yourself the undivided, compassionate attention you receive in a session. Connecting with yourself in such a way can become a natural process, and you may find you no longer need a coach, but in the beginning, or in times where you need to reconnect, having someone to support and guide you makes that process feel far less scary.

My interest and passion is in supporting you in your evolution, in helping you connect with who you truly are so you feel empowered and free in your life. Abundance comes from sharing our gifts and supporting one another. You allow me to live my purpose and passion and I hope my guidance will support you in living yours. If you are willing to be in a mutual relationship of attention, nurture and dedication, you can and will transform your life.

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How to choose a Life Coach

You might be new to life coaching or trying to find a coach that best suits you. I want to offer you a few things you can think about when looking for a coach.

First just a quick note about coaching: in general coaching is a collaborative process. That means that the process and journey really relies on both the client and the coach to be working together as a team. The coach is there to guide you, offer support, inspiration, motivation, nurture and care but it’s really about discovering your own answers, building on your own intuition, so that you can feel fully empowered in your life. So what I say to all of my new clients is: You will grow, change, heal and evolve only as much as you are open, willing and ready to.

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