Embracing the Unknown

We are all undergoing many shifts and changes at the moment and with that we may be feeling discomfort with the uncertainty that change brings. Many of us have been feeling tired, emotionally up and down, lost or confused; not knowing how to be with it all. We are being challenged at the moment and perhaps the biggest lesson is to let go of doing, controlling and trying to figure it all out.

I have found for myself that when I ‘try’ I fall out of flow. When I force myself to ‘do’ I meet resistance. When I try to ‘figure out’ or ‘control’ I feel more confused and disconnected. What I am learning through it is that our paradigm of ‘work hard, be productive, and always know your next step’ seems no longer useful.

We’re tired because it’s too much. We have been pushing and pushing for too long now. We’re not being human, we’re being machines. This shift is asking us to slow down, reconnect and remember what life is about – LIVING!

But as our reality gets hazy fear arises. We don’t like the unknown. Even if we are unhappy with what we do know at least we know it, and the comfort that knowing gives us makes us feel in control.

The unknown is scary because there is no control within it and so we resist. What we don’t realize though is that resistance is what causes our suffering and pain. We push away from ourselves and neglect the fear that so desperately needs our love and attention.

When we take a moment to embrace our fears we may find that we are able to relax. When we let go of our need for certainty and instead surrender into a place of trust, we may find that the unknown actually carries with it a great sense of excitement and wonder. But the biggest opportunity that comes from embracing our fear and opening up to the unknown, is that we realize WE have the power and creativity to embody the future we want to make manifest.

Life doesn’t happen to us it happens through and with us. We are co-creators and these shifts and changes are reminding us of this. But in order to fully step into our power and create, we must first learn to love, accept and forgive the parts of us that we have pushed away, the parts of us we don’t like, the parts of us that we are ashamed of.

All that takes is a moment of pause. When we stop resisting and instead move towards our fears and worries with an open, loving embrace, we are able to transform our feelings and state of being. When we listen to what we need and give that to ourselves we become empowered. Not because we can change our mood from one of discomfort to comfort, but because we realize that we have the power and ability to take care of ourselves and change our lives.

So no matter what is happening around us, whether the weather of our external or internal world changes, we know that we can be with anything that arises simply by giving it attention and care.

Let us be excited for the shifts and changes and connect to our imagination and creativity. What world do you want to live in? What self do you want to embody? Let us focus on the opportunities that await us for only our belief in them will allow them to manifest.

It’s ok to feel scared, worried and confused. Your only task is to be yourself, to love who you are and share that with the world. Life isn’t about perfection, it is about the experiences we have, the lessons we learn, the moments we enjoy and all the imperfections that make us truly beautiful.

Believe in yourself, believe in life, believe that divine grace is already here within us.