About Me

I have always had a passion for helping people and a curiosity about growth and self-development. Over the past twenty years, much of my focus turned inward, observing experiences, human interaction and reflecting upon them. I discovered that authenticity was the key to my personal contentment. By building a relationship to my Authentic Self I grew to know myself on a deeper level and learned how to both create and bring in a life that was in alignment with my true Self. I was inspired to work around building the Authentic Self as I saw how much it helped my own growth and has since supported others to really step into the life that they have always wanted and perhaps even more importantly, to step into the person they truly are.

I focus on building the Authentic Self as well as guiding people in authentic relationships whether you are single and wanting to attract the right partner for you, or deepen your current relationship.

What inspires me about doing the work that I do is I have the opportunity to witness people discovering who they truly are, accepting all of who they are, loving all of who they are and feeling safe and at home within themselves. Everything else is just the icing on the cake.

I have learned through my own journey, and over a decade of working with clients, that fulfillment isn’t about being happy, it’s about being at peace with ourselves. When we feel at home within ourselves we feel free, empowered, confident even in the times where we may not believe in ourselves fully, there is the underlying knowing that it’s okay – it’s okay to be you in this moment no matter what it is that you are feeling, thinking or experiencing.

My influences and education stem from working with top teachers from the Coaches Training Institute Of California, The Authentic Leadership Institute led by Judith Bell, a ten year practice of Buddhism, Diamond Heart, Movement Therapy, and a passion for studying human behavior, psychology and  interpersonal dynamics. Since having a child, my curiosity and learning have both grown exponentially as I watch how we unfold as beings and how important the first years of our life truly are. MASC certified.


Movement Therapy

My background as a former professional ballet dancer with the San Francisco Ballet taught me a lot about the body and our emotional and psychological relationship to it. When I retired I looked into the various ways of using the body as therapy. We store all of our memory and experience in our bodies and often when words and processing cannot unlock an issue, moving through the body has a tremendous effect. I created my own method in 2006 working mainly with actors and dancers, but have since found it compliments coaching remarkably well. Learn more about movement therapy here.


evolve wellness centre

evolve is a centre of evolution that Adrian Kowal and myself cofounded together  the summer of 2010. It came together as a reflection of our daily lives which consisted of doing things such as yoga, meditation, urban gardening, bee-keeping, cooking healthy meals and going to numerous workshops spanning organic gardening, nutrition, alternative therapies and building your own eco house. We discovered that our lives were inspired not only by finding creative fun ways of taking care of ourselves, but also learning how we could, as individuals, have a positive impact on our local community. Our vision for evolve became one that would encompass all of these things together under one roof and most importantly, create a sense of community.

I run my practice along with various workshops at the centre. For more information please visit: www.evolvewellnesscentre.com

My radio interview on Dream Corner
hosted by Viv Oyolu

Click here to listen to the show. We talk about my journey from a former professional ballet dancer to my life as a coach and evolve, the centre my husband and I co-founded and run. I hope you enjoy! You can also visit Dream Corner here:  http://www.dreamcorner.co.uk/corinne-blum/