Movement Therapy

“Everything you need to know is within you. Listen. Feel. Trust the body’s wisdom.”
~Dan Millman

Our body is an amazing source of wisdom. It is a tool that I believe is so under utilized in our culture. It has a wealth of knowledge that draws from a lifetime of experience. It stores all of our memories, whether conscious or subconsious. It remembers the trauma, the challenges and joys of our existence. It is like an amazing archive system. It is a great barometer for how we are feeling, what we need, what we are afraid of and what we desire. It is also where our intuition resides.

Unfortunately, many of us have never learned to fully be in our body. We are taught and encouraged to be in the mind. To analyze, figure out and fix things through a logical, rational mind. This isn’t an issue in and of itself, but if it is the only way we look at things, we become out of balance.

The reason why the body is such a powerful tool for healing is that all of our experiences are first felt in the body before our minds can even make sense of them. So even though sometimes it is important for us to look at the story, to analyze what happened, ultimate healing happens in the body because that is where the initial wound took place. If we remain stuck in the mind we might know or understand a great deal about what our wound and the story of our pain or suffering, but we won’t be able to truly heal it because it didn’t happen in the mind; it happened in the body.

How Movement Therapy works:

Movement Therapy focuses on getting out of the mind and dropping into the body where we can form a relationship to the part that knows how we feel and what we want, rather than the mind’s limited capacity of “thinking” about what we feel. Giving a voice to a feeling, memory or trauma through movement releases it from the body, allowing us to reclaim our natural state and bring in  new energy that is in alignment with who we are. When words and processing cannot fully unlock an issue, moving through the body has a tremendous effect.

The benefits of Movement Therapy:

  •  Releases stress, anxiety, trauma and any emotional blockages
  •  Supports the healing of injuries and health issues
  •  Provides grounding, stability and confidence
  •  Cultivates a strong intuitive relationship with the body

“I first met Corinne when I attended one of her workshops, which she was running in a group setting.  At the time I was suffering from severe, almost debilitating, back pain which prevented me from walking and operating at normal speed.  During the course of the workshop I realised that the pain released.  Buoyed by this experience I decided to take a movement therapy course with Corinne, one on one. The experience and transformation that occurred during the next 4 sessions with Corinne was unprecedented, and I don’t think that words will do it justice, although I will try. She was able to unlock deep seated emotional issues and obtain closure after each session. I felt that I was making progress, of a kind I had never experienced before.  In reality she introduced me to my body for the first time and explained what it meant to feel. It was as though my body now had a voice which I could understand through Corinne’s translation.Corinne is extremely professional, and has a whole bag of life experience to relate from. Not to mention skilled and intuitive. Obviously, I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Rebecca, London


Internal body work: visualization:

You might be interested in Movement Therapy but due to geographical distances you might not be able to come see me for a session. If this is the case, I work a lot with people over skype bringing them into their body through visualization, connecting you to feelings, sensations, memories, trauma, emotions, needs and more. Much of the same principles are used as in Movement Therapy but they are done through visualization rather than movement.

There is a lot of research out there on the power of visualization. Many athletes use it to better their game or sport. From my own personal experience, I have used visualization to help heal injuries, trauma, limiting beliefs as well as manifest a soulmate. It is an incredibly powerful tool once we tap into it and understand how it works.

The benefits of visualization is that you can do it yourself. Once you know the way, you can tap into it whenever and wherever you want. It is a very empowering tool to have.

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