The Authentic Self

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?”
~ Marianne Williamson



What is the Authentic Self?

The Authentic Self is who we genuinely are. It is the essence underneath the masks and layers we often wear in society. It is the person we are beneath the limiting beliefs of who we think we are. It is the deeper part of us that knows and that feels free when we live and act from it. When we embody our Authentic Self, we feel empowered, confident, safe, magnetic. We trust who we are, know how to listen to our intuition, honour our needs and communicate from a place of truth rather than from a place of being triggered. Living from our Authentic Self feelings like home.


Why don’t we live more from our Authentic Self?

We tend to not live from our Authentic Self for a few reasons. When we reveal who we really are we become vulnerable, and to be vulnerable can be scary as we have nothing to hide behind. At the same time, when we do live from a place of authenticity, we feel more alive, fulfilled and happy because we are honoring who we truly are rather than pretending to be someone that we are not. What we come to find is that being in our authenticity, being vulnerable, is actually hugely empowering and we feel a very different kind of strength – not like the suit of armor many of us wear, but an internal strength and groundedness that emanates from within us.

Another reason we don’t tend to live from our Authentic Self is that we haven’t quite yet found it. We all tend to have a limiting belief about who we are, that we formed at a very young age. We may be conscious of it or not, either way it is there in the background, creating the lens which we see life through, painting the perspective of what is and is not possible for us in our life.

Sadly, we have trained ourselves to live outside of who we truly are. Whether it is because our families wanted us to be a certain way, whether we are influenced by the media or social pressure, or that we simply do not have a good image of who we are, we tend to be someone else; someone we think others will approve of. Whatever the reason, we have grown to believe that “fitting in” will make us feel safe. It might very well feel safe, but in conforming we lose touch with our spirit, passion, uniqueness and the sense that we have an individual purpose and gift to share with the world. When we try to be someone for someone else, we give away all of our power, our joy, our freedom and we feel exhausted simply because pretending to be someone else takes a lot of work. We want to rest and reside in who we are – like when we are at home in our pajamas and no one is watching. Most importantly, we want to feel at home within ourselves, no matter where we are or who we are with.

By living from our Authentic Self we exude a different kind of energy, which makes us feel better about ourselves, and which silently inspires others to be themselves as well.

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What is the process of connecting to our Authentic Self?

The process is focused on getting out of the mind and connecting with the body; which is really the place where our wisdom lies and the ability to heal. When we are in our mind, we are limited to “thinking” about what we need or want, who we should be, and what we should do.  In the mind, we tend to get stuck within the story (that can go round and around endlessly) rather than the feeling of what is really going on beneath the story.

When we drop into the body we start placing awareness on what we are experiencing and how we feel. The feeling, be it fear, anxiety, sadness or whatever it may be for you personally, is the gateway to discovering the deeper wound, the unmet need within it and the key to healing and evolving beyond the limiting belief and pattern we have been carrying all of this time. By embracing the very thing that scares us, that we have been pushing away, we actually get closer to who we truly are. In the process, we learn how to take care of ourselves, be there for ourselves and ultimately love and accept all of who we are. From that place, we can truly feel what it is to be safe, worthy, to feel seen and understood, to feel good-enough as we are.

Living from our Authentic Self

Once we connect to our essence and know both what our needs are and how to fulfill them, as well as how to be with our fears that arise, we feel much more confident and empowered within our lives. All of a sudden we feel more in control, not by gripping onto life through fear but by feeling fully engaged as a co-creator of our lives.

Knowing how to take care of ourselves, how to accept who we are no matter what we are feeling, how to be with ourselves so we feel less alone and how to be who we are when we are around others, is hugely liberating. We feel more connected, we feel we belong and we finally feel enough. All of this is not because the outside world changed, but because our inner world did. When we change the way we see ourselves and the way we act towards ourselves by creating better self-beliefs of who we are, all of a sudden that lens we used to have, that perspective of life we shaped, changes completely. From our Authentic Self we can see our lives more clearly and we can manifest that which we want to call into it with greater power, ease and joy.

“Corinne works with her clients on a deep soulful level. After a session with Corinne, I feel confidently equipped to apply the tools required for a healthy, healing relationship. She is a walking example of a truly authentic woman who is wise beyond her years.”
Lisa, London

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