Guiding you back home to your Authentic Self

Guiding you home to your Authentic Self
Guiding you home to your Authentic Self
Hey there, my name is Corinne and I guide people back home to their Authentic Self.

What would it feel like to know that there’s nothing wrong with you and therefore nothing to fix? That maybe there are just parts of you that need your loving attention. That your Authentic Self is already within you, waiting for your to return home to.

Connecting to your Authentic Self is simply the journey back home to your true Self. The Self that lies underneath the false belief and story you told yourself, that you’re not good enough, worthy enough, lovable enough, or something enough.

Its an inward journey that will move you towards all the parts that you’d rather keep in the shadow. Instead of rejecting and abandoning these parts of you, you’ll learn to lovingly and curiously walk towards them. To embrace your fears, be with your pain, pull the thorn out from your childhood wound and learn to give yourself the unmet need you’ve been waiting most of your life for; be it love, acceptance, validation…

The Process

In the process, you’ll learn that the language of your emotions are messengers that guide you closer home. To not be afraid of your fear, but to listen to why it’s calling for your attention. To sit with your pain and understand that it’s just a hurting part of you that needs your love.

All these take courage, (which stems from the french word, coeur, meaning heart). Living from heart, is how we find our courage, comfort and confidence to be who we truly are.

You’ll learn that no part of your humanity is bad, or wrong, but simply natural parts of being human. You’ll build such a strong bond and trust with yourself, that no matter what arises in your life, you’ll know that you’ll be ok.

Once you embrace ALL of you (even the shadowiest parts that you’d rather ignore), you’ll discover what true self-acceptance feels like. You’ll stop judging yourself and bring an end to the false story that who you are isn’t worthy.

The path leads back home to your self-worth, which has always been there. From there, you can create/manifest the life, love and work (I prefer the words, passion or purpose!) that resonates with, and reflects, your true, Authentic Self.