I want to talk about trust. Trust is something so deeply valuable, so vitally important – whether it’s relating to ourselves, our partners, our friends, our colleagues, our community, our government, the world, life itself – it is, I believe, fundamental to our happiness. But what obscures trust, what makes it challenging to believe in, is a lack of vulnerability and transparency. We cannot trust ourselves and others unless we are honest with ourselves, unless we are willing to look at all of who we are with a kindness, gentleness and acceptance that allows us to feel safe being seen. And if we cannot do that towards ourselves how can we do it with our partners, our friends, our family, humanity…?
I suppose there has to be a point where we are willing enough to see ourselves, and be seen by others, so that we may truly feel the “safety” and comfort we have always been craving. Otherwise it is always “me” against “you”, and our world reflects that. Maybe even our relationships reflect that. Maybe even our own state of being reflects that.
It is scary to look at the places that are dark and shadowed, where cobwebbs grow over memories of pain and fear, convincing us that they no longer exist. But never have I found it more rewarding, more liberating, than when I have looked with love at these murky depths within myself. I love my job because I get to witness others seeing, embracing, transforming these very things. And through it, we all find our light, our wings, that little bit of trust that makes us feel that it is safe to be here, to be me, to be you, just as we are.