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Thank you for visiting my women’s circle page. I am currently not running any circles as I am due to give birth in March. If any workshop or circle interests you, feel free to send me an email and I’ll put you on a list to contact once I am back from maternity leave. In the meantime, I wish you well.


The Dalai Lama recently prophesied: “The world will be saved by the Western woman.”

We, as women, have a tremendous opportunity to be part of an evolutionary shift that is occurring. Women around the world are yearning to step forward into their fullest potential more and more. We have moved beyond the time of the feminist movement, which though it did launch us forwards in the external world, has not provided us with a sense of personal or spiritual fulfillment. Many women today find themselves torn between the reality of their daily lives and what they internally aspire their lives to be. The need for the feminine, married with the masculine, is what our world requires to evolve.

Reconnecting To The Feminine

Through the many shifts and changes we are experiencing on a global level these days, the feminine is being called for more than ever. Our evolution cannot depend on singly focusing on the masculine or the feminine alone but rather the perfect balance of the two. But to evolve into balance, equality and equanimity we need to first rediscover and reshape what it is to be a woman today. By connecting and defining what it is to be in the feminine we will not only bring equilibrium to the masculine and feminine in our world but we will set a new conscious direction for the generations that are to follow.

The feminine is about creativity and creation through flow, receptivity and nurture. These qualities have found themselves marked as weaknesses and flaws in our ability to be strong and powerful. It is time to see that our greatest gifts are not weaknesses at all but a great and gracious force that can change the world.

These women’s circles will include:

• Exercises to connect to and develop the feminine
• Releasing and redefining our beliefs of the feminine and masculine
• Shared discussion
• Visualisations and movement

“Corinne’s women’s workshop was a wonderful way to connect and build trust and love with other women, so that our true power can shine through. She embodies only the most positive aspects of the feminine and masculine, truly living her authentic self!” Jessie, London

These women’s circles are yogic circles focused on supporting one another to evolve and fully embody the spirit and nature of the feminine. Other types of circles may include social or therapeutic, and though chatting or processing can be very valuable and enjoyable, a yogic circle is one that takes us beyond our own perspective, connecting us to the higher self, the divine and our intuition. The space is sacred and should feel safe so that you feel fully comfortable to open into the magic and power of the unknown.

Upcoming sessions:

women’s circle: restoring balance

with corinne blum

when: enquire for future dates| 6:30-8:30pm

price: £15 in advance | £20 on the day


We have lived in a masculine dominated society for a very long time now. There is a call for the feminine to bring in and restore balance but this can only happen if we, as women, begin to embody and respect the feminine attributes that we innately carry.

We have lost touch with our intuition, the wisdom of our body, the ritual of menstruation and even the sacredness of pregnancy and birth. In forgetting these, we have lost the power and the gifts of the feminine. To change the world, we must embrace what has up until now been labeled as shameful, what has caused us to doubt ourselves and led us to hide our true nature. By reclaiming who we innately are we will reignite the wisdom, power and intuition that is the feminine.

In this women’s circle we will look at the wisdom of our body, our natural intuition, and the brilliance of how nature works through us as women.



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