manifesting your soulmate 4 week course

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price: £99 early bird  | £120 thereafter

what’s the manifesting your soulmate workshop all about?


Stop searching for The One and learn how to receive them. Switch the paradigm in your life and become the person you want to be in the relationship you desire.

Many of us want a relationship, but we either cannot seem to find one, or we keep on attracting the wrong kind of relationship for us. The problem is we are doing it all backwards. We are searching, sometimes with an air of desperation, and looking in all the wrong places for it. We are working from the outside in vs inside out. We have to become the person we want to be in order to be in the relationship we have always dreamt of. By becoming that person and by giving up the search, we will find that what we desire will come to us with greater ease. Life responds to what our hearts truly yearn for, from a feeling of enhancement rather than one of lack.

In this course I will turn the paradigm around and teach you how to bring in a soul mate, and the relationship you have always desired, vs externally searching for it. We will look at any blocks and limiting beliefs that may be getting in your way. I will provide you with tools and visualisations to support you in knowing exactly who you want to become, what you want in a relationship and how to attract that into your life.

We will focus on:

  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Core Love Identity
  • Letting Go Of The Past
  • Authenticity + Self Empowerment
  • Want vs Desire
  • Receiving vs Searching
  • Ego Mate vs Soul Mate
  • Visualizing

“Corinne’s workshop was really empowering.  She takes the time to think through each individual question and give a clear response that resonates truth.  She speaks from a place of experience.  The techniques, visualizations and meditations that she guided us through come from her own proven experience.  Her workshop really made me dig inside myself and find my own answers in order to see what beliefs serve me and which ones I can let go of to transform and grow.  I highly recommend her workshops or even a one on one session with Corinne as she help you find who you really truly are.”
Kathleen, London

“I absolutely LOVED the course, I really did, and really loved meeting you. Evolve has been so inspirational in so many ways and has really helped me on a rocket-fuelled journey to work out who I am.Thank you thank you.”
Kirsty, London

“I have waves of gratitude and thanks for Corinne. She has guided me through such a transformation that I did not believe was a) possible, or b) achievable for me. I have embarked on a whole new sense of Self, with whom I love. It has been an emotional journey but one which I would never not have taken and would recommend everyone embarking on at the right moment in their lives.”
Joanne, London (8 week 1-1 Manifesting Your Soulmate Course)

register: Please click here or call evolve on 0207 581 4090


Step Into Your Full Potential: becoming the person you want to be

4 week course Mondays 6:30-8:30pm

Date: please enquire for upcoming course dates

This series of talks over the course of four weeks is designed to help you discover who you are authentically, what’s keeping you from being in your fullest potential and living the life you’ve always dreamt of. Through discussion, exercises and visualisations, we’ll dive through our fears and limiting beliefs and tap into the part of us that has been waiting to fully and freely step out into the world.


What we will cover:

  • limiting beliefs
  • connecting to our desires
  • communicating authentically
  • visualisating + manifestation

“A little course that delivered a lot more than I expected! Wonderful.”
Tara, London

“Corinne flexes with the energy of the group and is a wonderful facilitator who holds a safe, nurturing space.”
Jacqui, London

“Corinne creates a warm, open and connected environment which makes the journey of self-discovery with others so enjoyable.”
Mothiur, London

“Rewarding and helpful, great tools and guaidance for ocvoering our authentic self that so want to be.”
Una, London

“Corinne, thank you so much! It has been lovely to you and a beautiful 4 weeks. You have a truly special gift.”
Belinda, London

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