Singles Coaching in London

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
~ Rumi


Attracting Your Life Partner & Soul Mate

In singles coaching we will work on manifesting your life partner and soul mate. Many single women and men find themselves stuck in the same reoccurring pattern of relationship; one that does not feel right for them. Many also get to a point where they remain single for sometimes years at a time, feeling like they cannot find the right partner for them. It can get frustrating, lonely, confusing and sometimes even scary, especially as we get older and fear that we will be alone forever.

I’m not here to help you find your partner, at least not in the normal sense of the word. I am here to show you how you can receive them. The process is firstly looking at what the patterns and beliefs are that are getting in the way of attracting the right person for you. Many of us are attracting relationships that are reflecting and validating limiting beliefs about who we are. For example, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m abandoned”, “I’m not loveable”. We get stuck in the same patterns because we only see what we know and if what we know is, “I’m not good enough” we will attract someone that will validate that belief for us- and thus the vicious cycle continues.

Once we understand the pattern, the limiting belief at the core of the pattern and what the underlying, unmet need is beneath the belief, we can begin to not only heal but shift our perspective on love, relationship and what we believe is possible for us. Imagine that our perspective is like wearing a particular colored lens. One belief might be like wearing a pair of blue lenses. Through that lens (the belief) all we see is a blue world. By changing the lens, we change the way we see the world and our lives within it.

When we shift our belief of who we are and connect to our true essence, we show up in life differently. We embody a greater respect for ourselves. We value ourselves and know what we need and desire more fully. From that place, we can manifest and receive a partner that resonates and reflects who we truly are. The process of finding The One then becomes one not of searching but calling in that which is in alignment with who you truly are. It can be fun and enjoyable vs stressful and scary.

It is essential to look at ourselves first and find out where we can grow, so that we can give our best Self in relationships and receive what our partner has to offer us. It always begins with us as individuals. If we have a greater understanding of who we are, we will be more capable of being in an authentic relationship. (Go to the Third Entity page to learn more about the philosophy of relationship.)


The Process

We will look at:

  • Discovering and transforming your reoccurring patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Understanding your triggers, defenses and insecurities
  • Seeing the “story” and the greater truth
  • Embracing and healing your wounds and fears
  • Nurturing the Inner Child
  • Self-Mentoring: how to take care of yourself, speak to yourself, understand and be with your emotions and fears and how to give yourself what you need
  • Connecting to your Authentic Self
  • Trusting your intution
  • Clarifying your needs and desires
  • Learning how to get your needs met in relationship
  • Setting intention and letting go of expectation
  • Learning the principles of Non-Violent Communication
  • Manifesting and visualising techniques to attract your soulmate

To learn more about my 1-1 8 week Manifesting your Soulmate course click here.

“Corinne has been an amazing help in my search for a meaningful relationship. Her coaching process helped me clarify what I want in a woman/relationship, understand the ways that I hold myself back from meeting women, and move through my doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs. As a result, I’ve been meeting more women and I am more optimistic that I will meet the One.”
Adrian, San Francisco California

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Guided Visualisations

For guided visualisations to help you manifest your soulmate click here or see below.

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Connecting to your Essence
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Planting The Seed: Living Love Now
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Manifesting Your Soulmate: Meeting The One
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