Out Of The Clouds Came Blue

Today I made the choice to be happy. For my health, wellbeing and to fully enjoy this experience of life. I don’t want to make it so hard on myself. I don’t want to be dependent on externals to make me happy or not. I will embrace the rain and the clouds of London. And interestingly enough, as I did just now, the sun has fully come out, the sky turning blue, and a great warmth is touching my bones.

Is it the act of allowing that shifts things? The art of acceptance I’m sure. But perhaps even more so is the enjoyment of whatever is, just now.

Boys are running through the tall grass playing their games and imagining their adventures. Surely they would do the same whether rain or shine. They are in the magic of life. The inspiration of creation. “Let’s imagine anything and play that!”

To marry my wisdom and depth with my inner child that wishes to play, at times has been a great challenge for me. But as I look closer I see the two are not so different. In fact the little girl within me is remarkably wise, deep and playful.

How can I trust her, serve her and see life through the magic of her eyes?

It is about letting go of the duality. Of right and wrong, good and bad, the should and the would and I’ll do it some day.

Rather than curse the wind I watch how it makes the grass dance. That makes me smile.

The boys walk past me again, mud on their shirts. They dove into their adventure unafraid of the dirt that sometimes leaves “us” feeling mucky. They threw precaution to the wind and jumped into the puddles that reflected back to them their greatest dreams.

May I remember again, to run through the grass to the edge of the world where the adventure begins and ends, begins and ends…to no end.