So Where Do We Begin?

After having taken a long break from writing I was finding it hard to put my thoughts down. The palette seemed dry and though I felt I had a lot to share, I was stuck in not knowing how to communicate it. The process was very cerebral, which I’ve grown to learn, is not the place to write from. Of course we use our minds but the inspiration (which was what I was forgetting) needs to come from a passionate place, from the body, heart, a place that is unthinking yet all knowing.

Inspiration: It wasn’t that I was not motivated or wanted to write, but as I said it was something I was thinking about having to do. I was confined by my minds need to produce something. I wrote, but it had no flow. It was fine, passable but lacked passion and personality. I needed inspiration but inspiration isn’t something we can fabricate or induce but we can ask for it and it will show up even in the slightest of ways. So this morning I stepped outside with my cup of tea and stood in a sliver of sun that shone through the buildings. I closed my eyes and took it in. I melted into it and with that thoughts came of what I wanted to write about. It was just that; taking the time, taking it in, and for me that sliver of sun shining on my face was inspiration enough to open up to what needed to come through me.

See life isn’t entirely about going and getting it as we’re so routinely enforced to believe. Yes, that is one side of it but life is about balance so there has to be another side. What we forget is the receiving part. Life, nature, is cyclical. We give, we receive, we give again. But in a time of heightened technology and consumerism, we are so busy attaining, needing, wanting, grabbing, our minds rapidly bored when a lapse of unfilled time occurs. What this means is we are constantly external, grasping for something outside of us to satiate our needs and though we may not be entirely conscious of it, we’re tapped out.

So why am I writing about this, what does this have to do with the work that I do, and how does it help you? Well, my point is we have to shift the paradigm around. When it comes to relationships we may be desperately searching for it. We want it, we’re going everywhere trying to find it but there is nothing we can grab hold of. Why? Because we are outside of ourselves, we’re not listening. If we’re looking, looking, looking we never find it and this is because we’re not in our bodies, we’re not grounded and we’re not clear. You know when you are shopping for something in particular you rarely find it, and at the end of the day you’re exhausted because your eyes have been scanning intensely to no avail. Being outside of ourselves is tiring and it doesn’t often lend itself to getting what we need and want.

What is the shift? If we turn things around and come back to ourselves we can ask ourselves, what do I really want? What is my intention? And the most important part of this, don’t think about it, feel it. When we connect to the feeling of what we desire all of a sudden we drop into our body and there we find ground. From that place, if we can learn to trust it, we can open up to receiving what it is we want. Now to clarify, receiving doesn’t mean being passive. It is active but in a state of being rather than doing. That’s wherein lies the balance.

So when wanting to find a relationship, rather than going to all the pubs, the parties and ‘in’ places to be with an unblinking eye surveying the parameters of possibility, try turning it around. Bring it back in, connect to what you want and how that feels, and allow yourself to receive it rather than needing to find it. You don’t need to figure out how it’s going to happen or work out, you just need to focus on what it is you want and open up to the spontaneous inspiration that will arise when you let go and just be.