Being Human

It isn’t easy being human. This path has so many highs and lows, ebbing and flowing endlessly. So much to feel. So much to think about. So much to discover – and never does it end. The unveiling is continuous, eternal, always unfolding and deepening along the way. I find myself in these moments of contemplation, feeling the paradoxical complexity and simplicity of life, of being human, and it strangely feels good.
I wonder often why we are here – what are we doing? And I come back to this: that this life is a vast experience to be felt, to be shared, to be courageous enough to remain honest and open within it. To be human is to be vulnerable and to be vulnerable is to be in the constant authentic expression of this experience that sometimes effortlessly flows through us and at other times feels like trudging through knee high mud. I have known both. I don’t think life comes without the other. It does not judge one as good and the other as bad; it just is. And so everything has something to learn from, grow from, some bit of insight that ultimately brings us closer to who and what we are at the very core of this existence.