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Life Coaching Testimonials

“Corinne is a truly gifted woman whose mentoring and coaching I would like to recommend to every person I meet! Through looking at my past as reflected in the feelings in my body, I can be with whatever shows up in the present, and that is such a tremendous comfort to realise.”
Selina, London

“Corinne is an excellent coach, she helped me to discover for myself the innate wisdom within me to make a very important life decision, I would highly recommend her”

Harry, London

“I had a session with Corinne a few months back for Authenticity Coaching. We talked about how I was unhappy in my job and how I wanted to travel and write but I couldn’t find a way of doing it.  Well after that session, I decided to leave my job and I booked an around-the-world trip and managed to get some writing work at the same time! So it looks like the things I’d always wanted to do are finally starting to happen. Thank you so much Corinne for your guidance!”
Liz, London

“I have waves of gratitude and thanks for Corinne. She has guided me through such a transformation that I did not believe was a) possible, or b) achievable for me. I have embarked on a whole new sense of Self, with whom I love. It has been an emotional journey but one which I would never not have taken and would recommend everyone embarking on at the right moment in their lives.”

Joanne, London

“Corinne has the ability to meet the needs of her clients in a way which is so touching and sincere. You always leave her presence feeling uplifted and more knowledgeable.”

Laura, London

“Corinne works with her clients on a deep soulful level. After a session with Corinne, I feel confidently equipped to apply the tools required for a healthy, healing relationship. She is a walking example of a truly authentic woman who is wise beyond her years ”

Ladan, London

“Corinne was the perfect guide and mirror to help us navigate the core issues that were holding us back in deepening our relationship.  Our time with her was simply invaluable!”

Cara, San Francisco California

“Corinne has been an amazing help in my search for a meaningful relationship. Her coaching process helped me clarify what I want in a woman/relationship, understand the ways that I hold myself back from meeting women, and move through my doubts, fears and limiting beliefs. As a result, I’ve been meeting more women and I am more optimistic that I will meet the One.”

Adrian, San Francisco California


Theta Testimonials

“Working with the subconscious, Corinne and I have achieved some profound changes in a remarkably short time a with what seems like no effort! ”

Tom, London

What Clients Say About The Coaching Process

“I am becoming more accepting of myself. Learning that it is ok to feel whatever I feel and that there are reasons for my reactions to certain situations. I am starting to like myself more, being kinder to myself and believing that I am worthy of happiness.”

Beth, London

“I came to Life Coaching with no experience or knowledge of how or if it could help me.  I have really enjoyed the process. I  feel less weighed down by my worries and closer to myself than I ever have.”  
Alice, London

“I am grateful to the work we have done together, as I am aware of the importance of loving the shadow and light within me. I have learnt to be aware of my communication skills and how to be true to myself.”

Anna, London

“I have learned to ‘be me’ and to love that person no matter what twists and turns unfold in my life. It has made me feel more connected, more instinctive and intuitive and if I really want an answer to something – or work out what to do in any situation – I trust what the ‘inner me’ tells me.”

Kristine, London

“I have a better sense of me.  I am more balanced and aware.  I am more open. I have a better sense of what I want and am more trusting.”

Polly, London

“I have gained a sense of spaciousness, a sense of being held.  Knowledge of the beauty of release, of feeling pain and sadness without feeling the need to hold it in. A sense of purpose.”

Matt, London

“I have greater insight and acceptance of myself and others close to me.”

Laurie, London

“It is difficult to put into words what I have gained as it feels as if it will be with me, progressing and helping me forever more! It has allowed me to see that I have the power to help myself in any situation from my inside out. There are many things that we think define us, when in fact they are just feelings in our body that we have become used to after years of affirmation and habit repetition. It is a comfort to know that the feelings which arise in different situations I can now use to help address these negative habit patterns in my mind and body. Each time one shows up, I now know I need to try and be with it; and the fact that it has shown up, rather than being a hindrance, is a sign and an opportunity for me to recognise it and see what it wants to say!”

Selina, London

“I was looking for a specific alternative therapy when I came across Corinne’s website. And it was two things that drew my attention immediately: the concept of the authentic self and the fact that Corinne was talking about attracting a relationship rather than finding one. I was intrigued and went along – and have never once looked back.
Corinne’s technique is gentle, but very powerful. It helped me re-discover who I really am and how my perspective on life, my beliefs, affect what I do and who I meet, which in turn gave me back my self-confidence and the belief that I am OK. This has changed my life. I used to work in the fast-paced, male dominated  and hugely competitive visual effects industry as a senior manager on blockbuster Hollywood movies. I loved my job and was successful at it, but I never felt that there was enough time for living.
With all the confidence and strength that my sessions with Corinne have given me I have reconnected to my feminine side, wearing my hair long and dressing like a woman again, rather than the casually cool kind of girl who wants to fit in (or hide!). I have also changed my circumstances and am now working from home and I have revitalised my large circle of friends with many new people adding evermore diversity to my social life. And I am convinced that I will attract my soulmate into my world very soon.
If you are reading this, contemplating whether you should sign up for this, I can only say: don’t hesitate. You have come this far, all you need to do now is trust in yourself that you are the one – the only one – who has the power to change yourself and become more balanced, more confident and ultimately happier.
Corinne’s methods and her strong intuition is be the best guide – there is no magic, there are no miracles, there is only the reality that we all, deep down, are very strong, powerful and good people and that this amazing YOU just needs to be re-ignited.
I hope that Corinne will continue to play a part in my journey as I have such immense gratitude and respect for her and the wisdom she is spreading through her work.  Thank you forever!”
Clara, London

One-on-one 8 week Manifesting Your Soulmate Course

What did you enjoy about the course?


“I enjoyed all of it. I thought the structure and pace was really good, and Corinne was excellent at tuning into what I was thinking and feeling. I have really enjoyed getting to know myself better, and really look at myself honestly and truthfully, it has been a cathartic experience. I liked the weekly meetings and the homework that followed as this allowed me to build on the previous weeks work. I thought the structure worked very well as each week we were building on previous weeks work. I really enjoyed the visualizations, and the session on communication.”

S.G, London

“Everything! The course was transformational and Corinne facilitated that huge change. I enjoyed focusing on the present and not knowing where I was going in my evolution but knowing that I was in the most supportive environment possible. I enjoyed the comfort and ease which I felt during the sessions. The homework was hugely relevant, thought provoking and inspiring.”

J.G, London

Movement Therapy Testimonials

“I first met Corinne when I attended one of her workshops, which she was running in a group setting.  At the time I was suffering from severe, almost debilitating, back pain. During the course of the workshop I realised that the pain released.  I decided to take movement therapy sessions with Corinne, one on one. The experience and transformation that occurred during the next 4 sessions with Corinne was unprecedented. She was able to unlock deep seated emotional issues and obtain closure after each session. I felt that I was making progress, of a kind I had never experienced before.  In reality she introduced me to my body for the first time and explained what it meant to feel. It was as though my body now had a voice which I could understand through Corinne’s translation. Corinne is extremely professional, and has a whole bag of life experience to relate from. Not to mention skilled and intuitive. Obviously, I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Rebecca, London

“What a beautiful experience last week’s class was for me. It definitely pushed my boundaries and blockages in all directions! To be honest, it might sound a bit silly but I never thought I could have done that, so, I am very proud of myself!  Thank you for your loving and reassuring guidance and allowing us this space.”

Alexandra, London

“My sessions with Corinne made me look deep within myself. With her guidance I was able to recognise what my limiting false beliefs were and transform them into beliefs that support my true self. She showed me that the answers are within me. The experience was truly transformational and I have grown a lot in the past four weeks. Thanks so much for your lovely, safe energy.”

Kathy, London